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Project “Land art – art on the border” as a part of VIII Transborder Good Neighbour Days

Once again the Polish Institute in Kyiv supports creation of land art installation at Transborder Good Neighbour Days. This year Polish artist Jarosław Koziara will create his next work with the help of young Polish and Ukrainian artists.

During June and July Jarosław Koziara together with Polish and Ukrainian artists will plant seeds at the Polish-Ukrainian border in the shape of fish that “swim” in the territories of both countries at once. They will be seen in August (first of all on aerial photographs).

The idea of land art is to show that nature and culture are beyond borders established by man. Joint production of the monumental work in turn is to symbolize that artist collaboration also does not recognize state borders.

Jarosław Koziara (1967) lives and works in Lublin after graduation from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He creates paintings, photos, graphic designs and happenings. He gained popularity with his land art projects, in particular with the largest project in Europe at meadows near Janowiec locality, where he created pictures that change with seasons.

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