14.07.2011 - 16.07.2011 Events, Music

Village Kollektiv band participates in the International Festival “ArtPole. Sounds/actions in space”

Well-known Polish band Village Kollektiv will play at this year’s ArtPole festival. This is one of the most striking Polish collectives which combines traditional folk music and electronic. Their music is the first blend of electronic and acoustic instruments and singing in Poland. Traditional music roots are integrated with computer score creating a new musical space in which folk lyrics are dramatically expressed. The musicians play both original traditional tunes and their own compositions.

Village Kollektiv’s show will take place at the large stage which will also be special this year. A stage-nest is being built for the festival in Unizh which will be an art object – a metaphor of festival interaction – as well as a functional construction.

The stage-nest is a symbolic object of space which harmoniously blends with the landscape. It is both an art object and a certain metaphor of festival interaction, its symbol based on synergy.

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