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Bands at 11th International Festival “Lviv Weathercocks”

May 9-12, 2013

Lviv, Inner Courtyard of the Town Hall (Rynok Square, 1)

International Etno-Jazz Festival “Lviv Weathercocks” is traditionally held in the very heart of Lviv, the Town Hall courtyard. This is a festival where people dance to jazz music, which can attract an audience of several hundreds even in the morning, a festival that brings joy and comfort to everybody who loves good music. This year the joy will be brought by musicians from Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Kazakhstan…

“Waking Up with HYCH Orchestra” will take place on Sunday morning of May 12.
Also in this year “Lviv Weathercocks” are collaborating with the International Festival “ROCK NOCĄ” (м. Zielona Góra, Poland) in selection of rock bands from the Western Ukraine, and May 9 will be the rock day of the “Weathercocks”.

Michał Milczarek Trio
Michał Milczarek – guitarBartek Łuczkiewicz – bassMateusz Modrzejewski – percussion

“Michał Milczarek Trio” plays contemporary improvisational music that is close to fusion and modern jazz. Wide range of musical inspirations of the trio allows to find elements of blues, psychedelic and electronic music in their compositions. In 2012 the musicians independently released “The Big Game” EP. In the beginning of 2013 “The Big Game” reached the third position in the best Polish releases rating on the AxunArts portal. Currently the musicians are touring in Poland and abroad as part of “The Big Game Tour 2013”.


Maciej Dziedzic – percussion

Bartek Łuczkiewicz – bass guitar

Marek Tarnowski – accordion

Tomasz Piątek – saxophone

Dwooto was founded in 2007 in Lublin. Dwooto’s own special style is created by the common interest in Balkan music and jazz, and by the constant search of a new unconventional sound, supported by classical music education. Dwooto uses both modern sound modulators and traditional instruments to create music on the border between folk, jazz and d’n’b.

May 10, Friday (performances begin at 18:00)

Michał Milczarek Trio (Poland)

May 11, Saturday (performances begin at 18:00)

Dwooto (Poland)

“Dzyga” artistic association

PO “Virmenska 35

General Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Lviv

PO “Institute of Actual Art”

Lviv City Council

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