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“Traditions and the Contemporary Life of Tatars, the Polish Believers of the Islamic Faith”


Kyiv | 21 March – 6 April | DP “Crimean House” | Omelianovycha-Pavlenka st., 9 | Admission is free

The exhibition presents history, traditions, and the contemporary life of Polish Tatars, one of the smallest ethnic minorities in Poland, whose history is more than 600 years old. It is not known precisely how many Tatars live in Poland. However the number of the Polish believers of the Islamic faith, who are mostly of Tatar origin, is about 5 thousand persons.

20 stands tell about the history of the Tatars’ settled life in Polish lands, their participation in military actions of the Polish army, religion, important Tatar customs and traditions, and about the contemporary life of Polish Tatars.

This exhibition is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the Muslim Religious Society in the Republic of Poland, and the Museum of Podlasie in Białystok. The exhibition also uses objects and photos from the National Digital Archive.

The grand opening of the exhibition in the Crimean House in Kyiv will be attended by:
– Lucyna Lesisz, co-author of the exhibition, head of the Museum of History (a department of the Museum of Podlasie in Białystok).
– Nedim Useinov, a representative of the Crimean Tatar minority who has lived in Poland for many years.

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