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Exhibition “Women of Independence” in Kropyvnytsky

“Women of Independence” are Polish women of various generations, occupations, and destinies. Some of them became famous during their lifetime, others remained in the shade of history longer. Many of them ended their lives tragically. But all of them had one thing in common: the desire to make the life in their country better.

The exhibition proves that there would be no independent and strong Poland if not for active participation of many generations of Polish women who not only courageously endured hardships of daily life during the 123 years of non-existence of Poland, wars and Communist oppression, but also actively fought for independence together with men. The goal of the exhibition is both to present participation of Polish women in the struggle for independence of Poland and to combine this topic with emancipation of women in the whole world.

The exhibition features stories about women who played an important role in the history of Polish state building and self-awareness of Poles. Working in various fields: from politics to science, education, culture, economy, and even warfare, they changed fates of persons, communities and the Polish society as a whole. In particular, there are stories about Emilia Plater, Eliza Orzeszkowa, Maria Curie-Skłodowska, Cecylia Śniegocka, Irena Kosmowska, Wanda Gertz, Halina Konopacka, Alicja Dorabialska, Elżbieta Zawacka, Maria Stypułkowska-Chojecka, Wiktoria Ulma, Irena Sendlerowa, Danuta Siedzikówna „Inka”, Halina Mikołajska, Anna Walentynowicz, and Alina Pieńkowska.

The story about activities and successes of Polish women is also an opportunity to tell visitors about the history of Poland from the fall of the Polish Republic at the end of 18th century to the moment of creation of the “Solidarity” trade union and the fall of the Communist regime.

The project is created by the Polish History Museum and the design is made by a prominent Polish design studio Syfon Studio (Warsaw).

The exhibition is a part of the long-term program Niepodległa dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the restoration of independence of Poland.

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