“Gustaw Herling Grudziński i Iwan Bahriany: pisarzy w więzieniu totalitaryzmu”

A practical workshop with elements of a conversation class
27 05.2023 Debate, Events, News

“Modern Icon of Jerzy Nowosielski” – an exhibition in Polonne

May 12-21, St. Anna Parish (Polonne, 22 Peretsa Markisha St.)
12 05.2023 21 05.2023 Events, News, Аrt

The “I Was a Pole – a Citizen of Ukraine” exhibition in Kyiv

As of May 5, the "I Was a Pole – a Citizen of Ukraine" exhibition will be displayed in front of the Polish Institute in Kyiv.
04 05.2023 14 05.2023 Debate, Events, History, News, Аrt

80th anniversary of the Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto

Every year on April 19, we remember the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which broke out 80 years ago.
19 04.2023 History, News

Christ is Risen!

Believe in the victory of good and light!
07 04.2023 10 04.2023 News


01 01.1970 News


08 02.2023 News

“44 x Mickiewicz”

Original grant program of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute
08 02.2022 24 02.2022 News