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Exhibition “The Pope of Freedom” in Mariupol

Mariupol | 1-30 September | Sanctuary of Our Lady of Częstochowa | Metalurgiv St. 137 A

The exhibition “The Pope of Freedom” tells how the Polish Pope influenced the restoration of Polish independence among the European nations in 1980s. It consists of about 30 stands with photos of the Most Holy Father that represent crucial moments of his pontificate and fragments of his most important speeches concerning the problems of freedom and other social problems. He gave these speeches at the time in the European Parliament, the UN Headquarters, and in the Polish Sejm.

A special part of the exhibition is dedicated to John Paul II’s meetings with the most prominent figures of the political world in recent decades, including Václav Havel, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Yasser Arafat, Helmut Kohl, Fidel Castro, etc.

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