19.09.2018 Debate, Events, History

The International Academic Conference on the occasion of the 360th anniversary of the Treaty of Hadiach

Kyiv | 19 September | National Museum of Ukrainian History | Volodymyrska st., 2 | Conference will last from 10:00 to 16:00 | Registration is needed for admission

This autumn is marked with the significant date, the 360th anniversary of the Treaty of Hadiach. This agreement between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Hetmanate is a part of the common history of several countries at once: Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus. This important political decision was not implemented completely and is still perceived controversially among historians.

This is why the Polish Institute in Kyiv together with the National History Museum of Ukraine organize the conference in order to initiate the historical dialog between scholars of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus to present the most recent studies of the context and results of the signing of the Treaty of Hadiach.

The conference will include two panel discussion: the first one will be dedicated to the possibilities that the signing of the initial version of the treaty opened, the second one will cover historical consequences of the treaty that was ratified by the Sejm of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Speakers include Professor Teresa Chynczewska-Hennel, Professor Mirosław Nagielski, Doctor Piotr Kroll, Professor Viktor Horobets, Doctor Oleksii Sokyrko etc.

Professor Natalia Iakovenko will be the moderator of the discussions.

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