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Performance School in Lviv 🗺

Master classes

From September 1 to 7 in Lviv, the Institute of Actual Art organizes the PERFORMANCE SCHOOL, based on the more than decade-long tradition of the Days of Performance Art in Lviv action art festival, which remains the only professional education platform in Ukraine.

PERFORMANCE SCHOOL is an independent open laboratory that studies the specifics of the performance art, demonstrates the wide range of its directions and technologies.

PERFORMANCE SCHOOL is an integral cycle of master classes where each participant can present his/her individual results.

The master classes will be conducted by experienced artists who will focus their attention on the individual and group creative process:  Janusz Bałdyga (Poland), Anja Ibsch (Germany), Kineret Haya Max (Israel) and Volodymyr Topii (Ukraine).  As part of the School, the following Polish artists will present their performances: Jarosław Perszko and Ryszard Ługowski.

Applications to the Performance School can be sent from August 8 to 20.

For news and detailed information visit lvivartlab.com

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