3.09.2020 Events Kooperativ | Sichovych Striltsiv St., 23 A | Kyiv | 19:00

Lecture of Mateusz Adamczyk 🗺

Spatial Agendas And Urban Narratives

What is observed around are major urban sins of the transition times: untamed urban sprawl building new neighborhoods without defined identity, voids in the city fabric, insufficient public transport system and city grid relying on cars and centralized functional layout. A radical shift needs to be done and it is the contemporary, multi-threaded urban planning that can steer the urbanity towards the future – fantastic, because simply livable!

BUDCUD projects explore the many options–possible, courageous, sharp and sustainable to change the urban status quo into a dynamic network of livable and balanced local neighborhoods with distinctive identities and clean resources. The practice focuses on exploring the potential of the site and strengthening it, evolving the vernacular qualities into strong spatial narratives. Designing a strong presence with intuitively readable, distinctive characters of spaces, contemporary functional layout and balanced zoning is an urban approach that Mateusz Adamczyk from BUDCUD will talk about during the lecture.

Mateusz Adamczyk is a founding partner of BUDCUD, a contemporary studio from Poland operating within the fields of architecture and urban planning. Besides the design practice, architect’s activities range from consulting challenging international projects, tutoring student workshops to taking part in exchanges of knowledge between emerging European architectural practices, initiating bottom-up platforms for contemporary public spaces in Poland and curating architectural events. Recently the architect took part in international experts workshop Bauforum in Hamburg, where the visions for Hamburg of new mobility were created. His work will be presented during Venice Biennale of Architecture within a group project “Othernity” in Hungarian pavilion.



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