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Docudays UA

Polish films

Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is held annually in the last week of March in Kyiv. After it ends, Docudays UA presents the best films in the regions of Ukraine within the Docudays UA Travelling Festival. Screenings take place from October up until and including December.

Traditionally viewings of Polish films will be held as part of this festival:
 The retrospective “Krzysztof Kieślowski: a documentary biography” (by the 80th anniversary of director’s birthday).
Curator programme review by the eminent Polish director Agnieszka Holland

Non-competition programme: 


An elderly man is looking after his paralysed wife. Despite his age and health problems, he’s doing his best to relieve her suffering, which is getting worse day by day. His daughter helps him, trying to balance her care with her work in the hospital and her own family life. Everyone has a different view on how to properly care for the sick, which often causes arguments.

Director: Julia Orlik
Producer: Agata Golanska
Cinematographer: Julia Orlik
Editor: Aleksandra Rosset
Sound: Bogdan Klat
PRODUCTION: Polish National Film School in Łódź
SALES: KFF Sales & Promotion, Katarzyna Wilk, katarzyna.wilk@kff.com.pl
Julia Orlik was born in Katowice, Poland, in 1996. She is a student at the National Film School in Łódź, where she specialises in animated film and special effects. She is the author of several animated shorts that derive from her studies, including Banquet (2016) and My Strange Elder Brother (2018), both of which were critically acclaimed and awarded at Polish film festivals and student film contests.
Banquet (2016); My Strange Elder Brother (2018); Quidquid Latine dictum sit, altum videtur (2019); I’m Here (2020)


After his mother dies, Adam comes across some letters his parents exchanged years ago. This is an opportunity for him to find out more about his father, who he never knew. The juxtaposition of animated drawings and archival material takes us back forty years and enables us to uncover an extraordinary family secret.
Director: Katarzyna Warzecha
Cinematographer: Grzegorz Hartfiel
Editor: Piotr Kremky
Sound: Jakub Jerszyński
PRODUCTION: Silver Frame, Munk Studio
SALES: KFF Sales & Promotion, Katarzyna Wilk, katarzyna.wilk@kff.com.pl
AWARDS: Gold Hugo Award at Chicago International Film Festival (2020)
Born in Gdańsk in 1989, Katarzyna Warzecha graduated from the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice and the Wajda School & Studio in Warsaw. Her graduation film, It’s Really Awesome, was screened at numerous international festivals and won a series of awards. She has worked with directors such as Filip Bajon and Marcin Wrona. She loves good food and has a special fondness for potatoes.
Two Hearts (2013); It Could Have Happened, It Had to Happen (2014);  If I Only Were a Spider (2015); Six Months of Franek W. (2016); It’s Really Awesome (2017); Documentary Movie (2019); We Have One Heart (2020)

The 18th Docudays UA will take place in Kyiv on 26 March – 4 April 2021 at the DOCUSPACE online cinema.

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