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Exhibition of the War Childhood Museum

The unjustified, unprovoked and heinous Russian invasion of Ukraine led to the displacement of more than 5 million Ukrainian children, according to UNICEF figures.

Thousands of those children found refuge in Poland where Poles threw the doors of their homes open in a sign of selfless hospitability.

The Polish Institute in Kyiv is honoured to host an intimate exhibition organised by the Museum of War Childhood. From September 18 to October 9, visitors will be able to acquaint themselves with testimonies of the children who had to leave their homes and move to Poland and other countries. The exhibition recalls their pre-war lives and demonstrates how they adapted to the new reality. The museum’s guide will be present on the site to convey the testimonies to the visitors.

We invite everyone to the exhibition. Together we will be able to overcome stereotypes and tell the world about the diversity of children’s experiences during the war.

18 September – 9 October

Polish Institute in Kyiv (29-B P. Sahaidachnoho Street)

Free entrence.

There is a shelter in the building. In the event of an air raid, visitors will be able to take cover there.

The exhibition is organised in cooperation with the War Childhood Museum ( Музей воєнного дитинства) and with the support of the office of the forum ZFD Programme in Ukraine.

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