The Polish Institute was opened in June 2000, being the first cultural outpost of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs outside Europe
(along with the Polish Cultural Institute in NYC) and since then works with passion and devotion to present contemporary Poland, its social and cultural achievements.
Our main goal is to promote Polish culture and heritage in Israel. Moreover, we see the Institute as a bridge between both the countries and as an institution which
supports and encourages Polish-Israeli contacts and joint projects.
We do it in cooperation with leading cultural and educational institutions and festivals in Israel.
We actively take part in cultural life of Israel, support various initiatives in the fields of the arts and science, offer educational programs for teachers and guides,
organize Polish language courses and offer a rich collection of books, periodicals and films at our library.
We hope that you find on our website, as well on our Facebook page, plenty of interesting information and that it will be an incentive for you to participate in the cultural
and scientific events organised by the Institute and our Israeli partners.
You are warmly welcome to contact us via the website or visit in person at the Polish Institute.
Address – Beit Psagot 3 Rothschild Blvd Level 22