30 Years of the Renewal of Polish-Israeli Relations

A special conference will be held  on October 27th dedicated to 30 years of the renewal of Polish-Israeli Relations. Save the Date !!
27 10.2020 News

DocAviv Festival 2020

DocAviv yearly festival will include the film Bitter Love of the Polish director respectful director Jerzy Sladkowski  
03 09.2020 12 09.2020 Film, News

40 Anniversary to the Solidarity Movement

The Solidarity Movement came into being 40 years ago, as a labor movement which aspired to freedom and independence and turned into a political movement that contributed to the downfall of the Communist regime in Poland
17 08.2020 History, News

“What was hidden in the Bytom Hamburger Hof?”

The movie "What was hidden in the Bytom Hamburger Hof? is a production connected to the project "Cultural Emergency", this time touching on the history of the Jewish community in Bytom
10 08.2020 26 08.2020 History, News

August 1st – Anniversary of the victims of the Warsaw Uprising

The Warsaw Uprising broke out on Tuesday, August 1, 1944, at 17:00 PM. Every year on that hour the city of Warsaw stops for one minute of silence to commemorate the victims of the uprising
01 01.1970 History, News

The famous Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

It is the 30th time that the famous Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow is hel - this year in a different shape, when the celebration of its 30th anniversary will be next summer
03 07.2020 Music, News

Here is Muranow – a new exhibition

"Here is Muranow” is a new, temporary exhibition at the POLIN Museum - a journey in time and a plunge into the life of the city which reveals a fascinating life of one of Warsaw’s Jewish neighborhoods
01 07.2020 History, News

A Contest for the Best Publication Promoting the History of Poland

A contest for the best publication promoting the history of Poland and Polish diplomacy. The contest welcomes works that were published in 2019. Historians can submit their works until 31 August 2020
10 06.2020 History, News, Science

Grand Press Photo Competition

Grand Press Photo is the most important press photo competition in Poland. The award ceremony of the yearly competition was held in recent days
15 05.2020 News, Visual arts