The National Center for Culture (NCK)

The National Center for Culture (NCK) initiates and launches activities aimed at developing and promoting Polish culture. It conducts educational, research and training programs. One of the events organized by the NCK is the Eastern Culture Festival the purpose of which is fostering cultural cooperation between the cities of eastern Poland and the countries of the Eastern Partnership. Another event organized by the NCK is the International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe Eufonie inspired by traditions of regional  community and presenting music from various periods and different styles.

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The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM)

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM) specializes in promoting Polish culture abroad by initiating international exchange between Polish and foreign cultural institutions, supporting coproduction of art events, organizing study visits and ensuring the presence of Polish artists on the international scene. Due to its cooperation with prestigious foreign institutions, the Institute succeeded in reaching out to an audience of 60 million people abroad.

The Institute’s portal offers a daily information service covering key events related to Polish culture around the world. The site is available in Polish, English and Russian and, moreover, it offers editorials in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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The International Cultural Centre in Cracow (MCK)

The International Cultural Centre in Cracow (MCK) focuses on history, art and architecture history, the phenomenon of memory and preservation of the cultural heritage. It participates in the international debate about heritage and its role in the contemporary world and due to the international contacts it is nurturing, the MCK is reinforcing Poland’s position as an important player in the international community and a serious partner in cultural and intellectual cooperation.

The MCK implements the Thesaurus Poloniae fellowship program.  The program is addressed to non-residents of Poland who conduct their research on culture, history and multicultural heritage of the Republic of Poland as well as on Central Europe. 

The library of the MCK offers a rich collection of scientific literature on cultural heritage.

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