Polish poet Adam Zagajewski dies aged 75

Poland's Adam Zagajewski, who died in Krakow yesterday, was known for poems and essays laced with history and humor
01 01.1970 Literature, News

The King of Warsaw – Literary event

Literary encounter based on Szczepan Twardoch’s book “The King of Warsaw” including a zoom talk with the author about the book and the creative process
19 03.2021 Literature

Irena Sendler – Literary encounter

 Literary encounter will focus on the figure of Irena Sendler and on the new book about her life which was published in Hebrew
24 02.2021 Literature

“The Man with the White Eyes” by Leopold Tyrmand – A literary encounter

A literary encounter inspired by Leopold Tyrmand’s novel "The Man with the White Eyes” will investigate the story and its historical-sociological background. In the framework of the European Book Club
13 11.2020 Literature

Polish people in Israel – A Literature Event

A literature virtual event about the Jewish-Polish immigrants to Israel with the journalist and writer Karolina Przewrocka-Aderet. The meeting will be held in Polish
31 07.2020 Literature

Discover rich Polish literature – #DiscoverPoland

Come and discover rich Polish literature and famous Polish writers - classics, Nobel Prize winners and figures who have achieved worldwide fame
23 06.2020 Literature

How to Speak So That People Will Listen to You? – A Lecture

How to speak so that people will listen to you? – a brilliant lecture by Professor Jerzy Bralczyk
10 05.2020 Literature, Science

Jerzy Pilch, the well-known Polish artist, passes away

Jerzy Pilch, the well-known Polish artist, passes away - a prominent writer, playwright and scriptwriter. He was one of the most popular contemporary Polish writers that some of his books were nominees for the NIKE Literary Award
29 05.2020 Literature, News

Katarzyna Kobylarczyk wins Ryszard Kapuściński Award

Katarzyna Kobylarczyk is this year’s winner of the Ryszard Kapuściński Award for her book       The Scab: Spain scratches open its wounds
01 06.2020 Literature