Polish wine and wine routes in Poland – lecture

A journey in the footsteps of Polish wine by Adam Koren - a guide, lecturer and Polish expert, and Matias Glusman - a world-class sommelier
31 03.2023 Bez kategorii, Cuisine, Tourism

Kosher food in Poland – a tourist lecture

A tourist meeting devoted to places of Jewish heritage in Poland and routes for tourists who observe the rules of kosher will be led by guide Nurit Shapiro and expert on kosher food in Poland Ilan Baum.
03 03.2023 Cuisine, Tourism


@FoodLEMology is an Instagram project that combines literature, food and design that investigates Lem’s world through a culinary prism
15 06.2021 Cuisine

Polish Table

"Polish table” is a collection of classic and typical Polish dishes - kosher-adjusted recipes, brilliant photography and anecdotes related to the dishes, production of the Polish Institute Tel Aviv
02 08.2021 Cuisine

In the Polish Kitchen with Chef Nir Zook

In a series of videos the well-known chef Nir Tzuk presents the best of Poland's cuisine
18 12.2020 Cuisine, Visual arts