29.08.2018 - 1.09.2018 Theater und Tanz

Maciej Kuzminski bei der Tanzmesse NRW


Mi 29.08.2018 – Sa 01.09.2018 Düsseldorf

Maciej Kuźmiński Company works have been staged in 17 countries since 2014. The Poland-based artist emerged with raw and challenging piece Room 40, and later with a witty, multi-award winning solo Dominique. The young choreographer draws extensively from philosophy, and comments on social phenomena, such as Feminism or dillution of identities.


Institute of Music and Dance Polen
Fredry 8
00-097 Warszawa

Institute of Music and Dance
Aleksandra Dziurosz Polen
Fredry 8
00-097 Warszawa

Institute of Music and Dance
Maciej Kuźmiński Choreography Polen
ul. Chelmońskiego 6 m. 4
98-220 Zduńska Wola

Maciej Kuźmiński Choreography
Dance Theatre Zawirowania Polen
Kraszewskiego 25
02-415 Warszawa

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