4.09.2011 Events, Аrt


Do you want to learn how to sew and create wonderful clothing for yourself and your relatives? Make accessories that will startle your friends? Create things that will make your home cosier with your own hands? Come to Sofiyska Square on September 4 and take part in the project I, CULTURE Contemporary Craft Workshop.

I, CULTURE Puzzle Contemporary Craft Workshop is a bright and unconventional interactive art project that consists of master classes. Within the framework of the project clothing designers in collaboration with the project author, Polish artist Monika Jakubiak and volunteers will create a giant puzzle piece. More than 240 volunteers will take part in the project I, CULTURE PUZZLE, which will take place in 12 capitals of the world (Kyiv, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Minsk, Moscow, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and Warsaw). The result of all 12 actions will be creation of a single giant jigsaw puzzle with the inscription «I, CULTURE». The Internet audience will be able to watch the creative process and other parts of the project at the official web site www.culture.pl/iculture

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