16.09.2011 - 18.09.2011 Cinema, Events

Polish actor Jan Nowicki and film expert Maciej Gil participate in II International Mini Film Festival “European Express”

International Mini Film Festival “European Express” was one of last year’s revelations. Three days of the festival will see samples of modern cinematographies of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Romania. The four countries are connected not only by common Europe and friendly mutual relations, but also by constant artistic quest. New works of young feature, documentary and animation film directors will be presented at the festival.

The films will be presented by Maciej Gil (head of the Film club federation of Poland, film expert) and Gediminas Jankauskas (film critic, lecturer and head of the Film club of the Kaunas University)

Well-known actor Jan Nowicki will be an honorary guest of the Festival and will present his latest work in the Jacek Bławut’s film “Before Twilight”.

Retrospectives of documentary and feature films and visual improvisations of Polish and Lithuanian artists will be included into the program of the Festival to coincide with Czesław Miłosz’s anniversary.

Jan Nowicki is a theatre and film actor and a teacher. He plays in the Old Theatre (Stary Teatr) in Kraków since 1965. He teaches in Kraków State Higher School of Theatrical Art.

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