15.02.2013 - 17.02.2013 Events, Аrt

Working visit of Leon Tarasewicz to Kyiv regarding the implementation of the project in the National Folk Culture Center “Ivan Honchar Museum”

Leon Tarasewicz is one of the most famous contemporary Polish artists. He is a professor of the Warsaw Arts Academy.  He represented Poland at the Biennales in Sao Paulo and Venice. He is the author of numerous pictorial and architectural installations. He is a laureate of many awards: Passport of Politics (2000), Jan Cybis award (2000), Big Award of the Culture Foundation (2006). 

Leon Tarasewicz implemented three projects in Kyiv. He did “Painting” (2000) in the Center of Contemporary Art together with Tiberi Silvashi. He created the wooden “golden” gate over the entrance to the Center of Contemporary Art for the project “Immersion” during the year of Poland in Ukraine (2004), and in collaboration with Jerzy Onuch, as was the case in his previous projects, created the purple light installation “Porta Aurea” in the Golden Gate (2010).   

15 February – 17 February
National Folk Culture Center “Ivan Honchar Museum”, Lavrska st., 19

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