23.02.2013 - 21.04.2013 Events, Аrt

“Contraband” of Yaroslava Maria Khomenko and Hamlet Zinkivskyi

Yaroslava Khomenko is an author of drawings and comic strips. She works at the crossing of visual art, design, fashion, and advertising. She was recognized as one of the best fashion designers in the Eastern Europe.

Hamlet Zinkivskyi is an artist and author of concept projects based on street-art.

The project was created with the project space of Zachęta in mind and deals with the problems of a modern artist’s situation in the politically and economically diverse world. The idea of the exhibition was born during the artists’ stay in Warsaw as part of a studio travel. The most part of the exhibition consists of drawings. In addition, visitors will see wall compositions and interactive installations.

Curator – Magdalena Kardash.

23 February – 21 April
Zachęta Gallery, Gałczynskiego st., 3

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