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Tour of the Napszyklat band and Robert Piernikowski

From April 5 to 23 two musical projects from the Polish city of Poznan will tour in Ukraine and Moldova.

Robert Piernikowski was named a person of the year (2012) in the modern Polish culture by a Polish Magazine. He is known as the leader of the band “Napszykłat”. His solo album “Się żegnaj” (2012 Few Quiet People) is full of complex melodies and analog synthesis that pulses together with precise beats.

Experimental band “Napszyklat” develops its own style and is in constant search.  The band issued four albums, the last of which, “Kultur Shock”, came out in 2011. Their music balances on the verge between experimental electronics, noise, post-dubstep, and hip-hop. Combination of the lyrics and Piernikowski’s voice is like a mirror world, a thing of its own. “Napszyklat” has worked out their original musical style long ago, which has made them one of the most interesting Polish bands. 

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