22.04.2013 - 26.04.2013 Events, Аrt

Jerzy Nowosielski – an icon painter and free-thinker

Lviv, April 22, 2013 (Monday) at 16:30

Ukrainian Catholic University

Lviv, April 23,  2013 at 16:00

Lviv National Art Gallery “Pototsky Palace in Lviv”

Kyiv, April 25,  2013 at 17:00

National Art Museum of Ukraine

Kharkiv, April 26,  2013 at 16:00

Kharkiv Municipal Gallery

Krystyna Czerni will give a lecture about the work of Jerzy Nowosielski (1923-2011), one of the most prominent Polish artists of the second half of the 20th century. She will tell about his Ukrainian and church roots, his most important secular works, and will analyze the influence of the icon art on the secular painting.

Krystyna Czerni is an author, art critic and historian. She works in the Institute of Art History of the Jagellonian University. She engages in the Polish art of 19th and 20th centuries and sacred art. 

Open Archive is a series of meetings with famous representatives of modern Polish art: artists, curators, critics and theoreticians, which was started by the Polish Institute in Kyiv in 2006. 

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