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Christmas Tour of the Vołosi Band

Each show of the Vołosi band is a boost of a life-asserting energy and joy that scatters like holiday sparks from the strings of their violins, cello, double bass… We invite you to begin the year with inspiration and emotions and to catch the last flashes of the Christmas mood with the Vołosi Christmas Tour.

Band members Zbigniew Michalek, Jan Kaczmarzyk and Robert Waszut are Highlander folk musicians from the mountains of the region where borders of Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia meet. Krzysztof and Stanislaw Lason are graduates of The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. Thus Vołosi easily intertwine Balkan, Transylvanian and Carpathian tunes with classical melodies of European composers, combining subtlety of their virtuoso performance with effortlessness, spontaneity and incredible emotionality.

Vołosi Christmas Tour covers five cities: Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Alchevsk, where the band will be playing for the first time, as well as Kyiv and Odesa, where Vołosi had a huge success in March. By the way, the video of the Kyiv concert will form the basis of the new DVD of the band. Excerpts of the show can be viewed here.

15 January
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21 January

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