6.06.2014 Cinema, Events

Viewing of Agnieszka Holland’s film “Burning Bush”

Agnieszka Holland’s film “Burning Bush”, Czech Republic/Poland, 2013, 206 min. 

Cast: Tatiana Pauhofová, Jaroslava Pokorná, Petr Stach etc.

This biopic is based on the story of Prague student Jan Palach who committed self-immolation on January 16, 1969 on the Wenceslas Square as a protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. His death turned the public attention towards the Soviet crimes in the occupied countries and became a symbol of freedom and will expression.

Agnieszka Holland
She made 52 feature and documentary films, in particular: “Fever” (“Golden Lion” of the Polish Film Festival in Gdansk), “A Lonely Woman”, “Copying Beethoven”, “A Girl Like Me”. The first five films forced critics to place Agnieszka Holland among the masters of the “cinema of moral unrest”. Agnieszka Holland’s films were nominated for the Oscar for the best foreign film several times: “Angry Harvest” (1985), “Europe, Europe” (1991), “In Darkness” (2012).

Currently she is a lecturer in the Brooklyn college of the New York University.

6 June
Cinema House: Blue Hall, Saksahanskoho st., 6. Admission is free. 17:00

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