11.07.2014 Events, Music

ATLAS ESTREMO Project by Yury Andrukhovych and the Karbido band at ARTPOLE.IF

International creative laboratory ARTPOLE.IF includes art objects and performances, master classes, a program for children, documentary films/video poetry and interactive lectures/discussions in the open air, a new project by Yury Andrukhovych and Karbido, and a music night with bands from many countries. This year’s laboratory will feature artists from Ukraine, Poland, UK, Turkey, Belarus and other countries.

The Polish Institute in Kyiv will be represented at this year’s festival by the ATLAS ESTREMO project.

Yury Andrukhovych and Karbido / Ukraine-Poland

This project is a journey full of danger and tension, fictitious images and stereotypes, a confrontation of expectations and reality, of sincere admiration and disappointment, and finally sorrow. And the hope that arises under the threat of losing freedom.

ATLAS ESTREMO is an attempt to reach the boundaries of one’s own inventions and experience, where everyday schemes and habits die and something new emerges…

11 July
Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

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