20.09.2014 Events, Music

FORTUNA ELECTRIC TRIO at Ukrainian jazz festivals

FORTUNA ELECTRIC TRIO consists of one of the most dynamic and all-round Polish jazz musicians who invited such experienced players as Jakub Mielczarek, a brilliant young Polish double bass player, and Frank Parker, talented and well-known in the world American drummer.

Fortuna Electric Trio is a new, fresh and expressive sound, virtuoso musicianship and new interesting pieces.

Maciej Fortuna choses a jazz trio format. The musician plays in the trio with various performers. Having created a new band Fortuna Electric Trio: Fortuna-Mielczarek-Parker, the musicians do not restrict themselves to mainstream jazz but combine new unknown sonorous qualities of their instruments with virtuoso mastery of performance in an unusual way.

20 September
House of education and culture “Master Class”, Lavrska st., 16A. Concert begins at 8:00 PM

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