1.08.2016 - 5.08.2016 Cinema, Events

Film “Tricks” at the ARTEK BUKOVEL festival

At this year’s “ARTEK BUKOVEL” festival we will present Andrzej Jakimowski’s film “Tricks”. The film will be presented by the leading man Damian Ul, who plays Stefek. Visitors and participants of the festival will be able to meet and communicate with the actor in the easy festival atmosphere. 


Poland, 2007, 95 min.

Directed by Andrzej Jakimowski

Six-years-old Stefek decides to challenge fate. The boy believes that the chain of events he sets in motion will help him get closer to his father who abandoned his mother. In his play with fate Stefek tries his good luck with the most risky of his tricks. This is a film about cars, women and love. Tears of joy and laughter are mixed in the film with tears of tenderness, and fantastic dialogs stick in memory.

1 August – 5 August

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