6.10.2016 - 9.10.2016 Debate, Events, Аrt

International conference “Kazimir Malevich: the Kyiv aspect”

At the end of 2015 the world learned about the discovery of the archive of Maryan Kropyvnytskyi, which contained Kazimir Malevich’s texts of 1930 related to his teaching in the Kyiv Art Institute and involvement in Ukrainian artistic life. The texts were published in April of 2016 by the “RODOVID” publishing house and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (KMBS) (edited by Tetiana Filevska). The publication draw attention to Malevich in Ukraine and provoked many discussions. At the same time the initiative to rename the Boryspil airport after Kazimir Malevich was announced. The first Malevich Days in Kyiv were conducted in June at the KMBS initiative.

All these events call for theoretical and scientific comprehension and processing of the new complex of texts by specialists in Malevich. Prof. Iwona Luba, head of the contemporary art and culture department of the Warsaw University, will take part in the conference.

Initiator: “Malevich Institute” public organization

6 October – 9 October
National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture of Ukraine / Voznesenzkyi Uzviz, 20

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