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Celebration of the 155th anniversary of the January Uprising

The film “The January Uprising of 1863”, kindly provided by the Museum of Нistory of Poland, will be shown in the audio-visual hall of the Northern semi-tower at 14:00 as part of the celebration. The film will be shown in the original language with Ukrainian subtitles.
On 14:20 Colonel Tadeusz Krząstek will give a lecture about “Traditions of the January Uprising in the Polish Army in 1918—2017”.
After the completion of the first part of the celebration in the Northern semi-tower we invite you to the excursion to the Skew Caponier where you can see soldiers’ cells and watch the renewed exhibition.
Please note that the next part of the celebration program will be the opening of the commemorative table to Wladislaw and Zygmunt Padlewski, heroes of the uprising who fell in the fight against the czarist regime. The celebration will start at 16:00 near the Memorial to the executed leaders of the January Uprising of 1863 with the participation of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine Jan Pieklo and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lithuania in Ukraine Marius Janukonis.
In addition, an exhibition of graphic art of Artur Grottger will work in the Fireplace Lounge of the fortress for a week. The artist of the January Uprising. This is how people called Artur Grottger (1837—1867) who was born in Ottyniowice in Podolia. The Polish painter, illustrator and graphic artist was one of prominent exponents of Polish romanticism and became known first of all due to the series of works on the theme of the January Uprising of 1863-1864.
The exhibition includes three cycles of these chronicles: “Polonia”: 1863, “Lituania”: 1864–1866 and “The Valley of Tears (War)” 1866–1867.
The exhibition is a part of the long-term program Niepodległa dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the restoration of independence of Poland.

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