7.03.2018 Debate, Events, History

Polish History Museum. From strategy to activity

Meeting with the deputy director of the museum Anna Piekarska

Kyiv / 7 March / National Museum of Ukrainian History / Volodymyrska st., 2 / Beginning at 12:00 / Admission is free

Polish History Museum is one of the most ambitious museum projects of the last decade in the country. The building of the museum will be erected in the territory of the Warsaw Citadel, where it will occupy the central place next to the Museum of Polish Army, Museum of the 10th Pavilion and Katyn Museum. The institution will represent crucial events in the history of the state with special emphasis on the theme of freedom – parliamentary traditions, civic movements, fight for freedom and independence. One of the main tasks of the museum is to promote Polish historic heritage in the world and to engage young people in this activity.

The creators of the museum say that they would like to tell about the most important things in such way that each visitor would be able to understand what was the history of Poland like, what is Polish identity, and what are the main elements of the Polish conventional wisdom.

Deputy director of the Polish History Museum Anna Piekarska will tell the exciting story of the “birth” of the museum, from establishing of its mission, formation of its structure and creation of the permanent exhibition to presentation of current projects and plans for the nearest future.

The meeting will form a part of the International year-long historical forum “The New Europe after 1918”, which was initiated by the Polish Institute in Kyiv.

The project is a part of the long-term program Niepodległa dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the restoration of independence of Poland.

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