6.05.2018 Cinema, Debate, Events, Аrt

“From Programmed to Grown Art. The Art of New Media in Trans-Disciplinary Culture”

Lecture of Ryszard Kluszczyński

Kyiv | 6 May | Art Arsenal | Lavrska st., 10-12 | Beginning at 14:00

The professor will speak about the transition from works of art created by digital means to works created with biological instruments and concepts. He will analyze how the new media art found its scientific background and tell about various trends of this direction: bio-art (based on genetics and tissue cultures), bio-robotic art. The lecturer will analyze the interaction between these art varieties and post-Humanism ideas in order to emphasize the important role that art can play in the modern world.

Ryszard Kluszczyński is a professor of cultural and media studies in the University of Łódź, where he is the head of the School of Media and Audio-Visual Culture. He is a professor of the Art Academy of Łódź. He writes about new media arts, cyberculture, media and communication theory, information and network society, experimental films and video art. Kluszczyński critically studies problems of the contemporary art theory, avant-garde and contemporary art practices. He is a curator of many art exhibitions.

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