2.05.2021 News

Celebrations of the Day of Polish Community and Poles Abroad and Republic of Poland Flag Day

The Day of Polish Community and Poles Abroad was established in recognition of the historical contribution of diaspora communities to the national objectives of the country of their forefathers. Celebrated jointly with Polish Flag Day, it is intended to encourage Poles to reflect on the glorious pages of the country’s past.

Now in their nineteenth year, the celebrations highlight the centuries-old contribution of Polish diaspora communities to the regaining of Poland’s independence, their faithfulness and commitment to the Polish cause, and their support for the homeland in its most difficult moments. We highlight that it is also a celebration of those who, living away from their motherland, have contributed to the global heritage of humanity.

These celebrations are held together with Republic of Poland Flag Day, established by the Sejm to honour the national flag. One of the state’s symbols, it accompanies us at all important moments: at major state ceremonies, in the days of mourning, in the moments tight with emotion and joy, it is an expression of respect for the community we form.

Unfortunately, even in the twenty-first century, in a world of universally guaranteed rights and freedoms, our national identification sometimes faces repression or acts violating the rights of national minorities. This aspect of our identity must also be remembered when celebrating the Day of Polish Community and Poles Abroad, and Polish Flag Day.

On this special day, we extend our deep thanks to the Polish community and Poles abroad for their partnership in advancing the country’s foreign policy and its interests worldwide. On this day, we particularly thank you for building a positive image of the Polish people, for being ambassadors of Polish identity, for preserving the mother tongue and our values, and thus for contributing to a global multiculturalism.

On the occasion of today’s holiday, we invite you to watch Minister Zbigniew Rau’s wishes addressed to the Polish community and Poles abroad.

You are also invited to watch a film on our national symbol, the Polish flag, as well as to join in a play on social media tagged #UnitedByWhiteAndRed: download the frame, take a picture and publish it on your social media accounts.

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