4.08.2021 - 8.08.2021 Cinema, Events

10th Kyiv International Short Film Festival

Polish films

Kyiv International Short Film Festival presents topical short films from all over the world and classics of cinema while introducing their authors and representatives of world film industry.

August, 5th, 7 p. m.

Tomasz Popakul
Poland | 2020, 12 min.

On the one hand, it’s apocalypse, and on the other, it feels like any other day. Something bizarre is throbbing on an invisible layer.

August, 6th, 8.30 p. m.

Weronika Szyma
Poland | 2020, 6 min.

A glance into the mirror encourages a young woman to gradually discover her carnality. She starts with uncertainty and distance to continue with increasing courage and interest. The meeting with her own reflection enables her to explore her own desires with increasing courage, but the bolder are the woman’s gestures, the subtler the animation. An erotic game employing visual understatement, body fragments and blurred contours begins. In this sensual exploration of the female body where black and white are clashed with an array of colours a lot is left to the viewer’s imagination.

August, 4-8th, on-line

Piotr Dumala
Poland | 2014, 13 min.

A few naked women and children are bathing in a river. They are being secretly observed by a group of men, who, at one point decide to approach them, in a violent manner, as if inspired by the behaviour of hippopotamuses.

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