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In Short, Europe: Loving Encounters

Europe Film Festival 2022

Saturday 7 May 2022, Institut Français Royaume – Uni


Over the past two years of the global pandemic we have found ourselves re-evaluating and appreciating our relationships. Isolation gave us time to reflect, take stock, make peace with past disagreements and honour our relationships as they continue to support us through this difficult period. 

EUNIC’s 2022 short film festival is a celebration of relationships however weird and wonderful. We will showcase the outstanding short film work from 25 European countries in animation, fiction and documentary.

The films will be presented in three programmes: 

Partners In Time: The programme looks at unusual connections and situations where a relationship just works. Whether it is by chance as in Cat & Bird where an unlikely alliance is formed or whether it is a working relationship as in Cuckoo ! where a lonely man inside a cuckoo clock finds meaning in his life in work as a human alarm reminding an older lady to take her pills. There is much to be enjoyed in this programme of animation, documentary and fiction. Aimed at families and children of 10 years and above with an emphasis on comedy. Please note two of the films have subtitles. 

With or Without You: The programme looks at intimacy in relationships and how despite the pain which accompanies the pleasure there is much to be gained in life experience. In Love, Dad on finding some previously unseen letters from her father while he was in prison, a woman gains a deeper understanding of him. In Nuclear Family a young man beginning to explore and enjoy his sexuality finds himself compromised by the revelation of his mother’s loneliness. An exquisite selection of shorts from Finland, Sweden, Scotland amongst others. The title of the wonderful Norwegian film ” Nothing Really Ever Ends” is particularly pertinent to summarise these films celebrating rebirth and the joys of love.

A Match Made In Heaven: The programme looks at relationships which have profoundly affected, changed or influenced one or other party comprising fiction and animation.  In Beyond Is The Day a Polish ferryman’s decision to secretly host a Palestinian immigrant inspires him to come out of his shell. In The Bull an unemployed art teacher finds a new vocation in life from a chance encounter with a bull. A programme full of magic illustrating the profound effects of compassion. 

All screenings will be followed by panel discussions with the filmmakers. 


Partners in Time (1:30pm-3:00pm + Q&A 15mins) Rating: U

  1. Cat & Bird / Saka Sy Vorona, DE
    Franka Sachse, Germany, 2021, 7 mins, animation
  2. Cuckoo! / Koekoek, NL
    Jörgen Scholtens, Netherlands, 2019, 8 mins, comedy, with subtitles
  3. I am Here / Sunt Aici, RO
    Alina Manolache, Romania, 2020, 14 mins, documentary, with subtitles
  4. When the Moon was Gibbous, DK
    Erika Grace Strada, Denmark, 2021, 3 mins, animation
  5. The Best Orchestra in the World, AT
    Henning Backhaus, Austria, 2020, 14 mins, comedy, with subtitles
  6. Combing / Šukavimas, LT
    Eglė Davidavičė, Lithuania, 2019, 5 mins, animation
  7. Silence, IE
    TJ O’Grady-Peyton, Ireland, 2020, 14 mins, drama
  8. London Holidays / Londonas Brīvdienas, LV
    Jānis Cimmermanis, Latvia, 2019, 11 mins, animation
  9. Forest Coal Pit, UK
    Sion Marshall-Waters, United Kingdom, 2021, 14 mins, documentary

With or Without You (3:45pm – 5:45pm + Q&A 15mins) 15+

  1. Love, Dad, CZ
    Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Czech Republic, 2021, 12 mins, animation, with subtitles
  2. Are You Hungry? / Onko sulla nälkä?, FI
    Teemu Niukkanen, Finland, 2019, 12 mins, drama, with subtitles
  3. First Light, MT
    Christopher Sammut, Malta, 2021, 3 mins, thriller
  4. The Fabric of You, UK
    Josephine Lohoar Self, United Kingdom, 2019, 11 mins, animation
  5. 180/100, HU
    Nándor Lörincz and Bálint Nagy, Hungary, 2011, 25 mins, comedy
  6. Territory of Empty Windows / Terytoriya pustykh vikon, UKR
    Zoya Laktionova, Documentary2021, 10min documentary, with subtitles
  7. Nuclear Family / Famille Nucleaire, BE
    Faustine Cresby, Belgium, 2020, 19 mins, drama, with subtitles
  8. Nothing Ever Really Ends, NO
    Jakob Rørvik, Norway, 2016, 23 mins, drama, with subtitles
  9. Svonni vs the Swedish Tax Agency / Svonni vs Skatteverket, SE
    Maria Fredriksson, Sweden, 2020, 5 mins, documentary, with subtitles

A Match Made in Heaven (6.30pm – 8.40pm + Q&A 15mins) 15+

  1. A Summer Place, CY
    Alexandra Matheou, Cyprus, 2021, 20 mins, drama, with subtitles
  2. Bach-Hông, FR
    Elsa Duhamel, France, 2019, 18 mins, animation, with subtitles
  3. And So The Night Will Fall / Asi vendra la noche, ES
    Ángel Santos, Spain, 2021, 13 mins, drama, with subtitles
  4. Into the Blue / Uplavetnilo, HR
    Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic, Croatia, 2017, 22 mins, drama, with subtitles
  5. Stork / Toonekurg, EE
    Morten Tšinakov and Lucija Mrzlijak, Estonia, 2020, 16 mins, animation
  6. Beyond Is the Day / Dalej jest dzien, PL
    Damian Kocur, Poland, 2020, 25 mins, drama, no rating, with subtitles
  7. The Bull / Bik, SI
    Bojan Labovic, Slovenia, 2019, 12 mins, drama, with subtitles
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