Book Talk, ‘The Forgers’ by Roger Moorhouse

A book talk by Roger Moorhouse about his new book about the inspirational story of the Polish diplomats who forged the documents that saved thousands of Jewish lives in WWII.
10 10.2023 Events, History, Literature

ARTE Documentary on Nobel Peace Prize winner & Manhattan Project scientist Joseph Rotblat

An ARTE TV documentary on Sir Joseph Rotblat, a Polish scientist involved with the Manhattan Project before he left to devote his life to the fight against nuclear weapons
04 08.2023 31 12.2023 Events, History, News

Chelsea History Festival 2023

This year's jam-packed Chelsea History Festival programme features several events which touch on aspects of Polish history including Roger Moorhouse and Daniel Finkelstein on the WWII Polish diplomats who helped saved thousands of lives in the Holocaust.
26 09.2023 01 10.2023 Events, History, News

‘Sikorski’s Tourists’- Forgotten WWII Polish Allies – Video by Dr Mark Felton

Browse British Historian Dr Mark Felton's popular Youtube channel with nearly 2 million subscribers, which features a series of videos about Polish History
02 08.2023 28 08.2024 Events, History, News

Cultural Diplomacy Symposium

A one-day symposium on cultural diplomacy provides practical insights from former and current diplomats, art professionals and academics.
29 06.2023 Events, Film, History, Literature, Music, News, Theatre, Visual arts

Shakespeare and Poland Festival 24-25 June 2023

A weekend of events celebrating Polish cultural heritage, and the cultural connections between Britain & Poland, combining literature, theatre, music and a family-friendly picnic with nature-themed activities.
24 06.2023 25 06.2023 Events, History, Literature, Music, Theatre

Deportation Day: Crimean Tatar Stories of Deportation and Return

Join an event by Ukrainian Institute commemorating 79 years since the Soviet deportation of Crimean Tatars & hear from leading experts on Crimean Tatar heritage.
18 05.2023 Events, History, Visual arts

Online Talk – The Stories Old Towns Tell: A Journey Through Cities at the Heart of Europe

A fascinating online talk about the histories of seven of Central Europe's Old Towns.
05 05.2023 Events, History, Visual arts

From Warsaw to Bletchley Park: The International Effort To Break Enigma

Uncover the international effort that went into cracking the Enigma code during the Second World War with Dr Thomas Cheetham.

12 05.2023 Events, History