Polish Social and Cultural Association offers a vast array of events promoting Polish culture such as film screenings, concerts and lectures.


The Polish Heritage Society

The Polish Heritage Society records and promote the care of those memorials, monuments, buildings and other marks of remembrances testifying to the presence of Poles in the United Kingdom.


Polish Hearth – Ognisko Polskie

The Polish Hearth is one of London’s oldest Polish Clubs which today hosts a variety of theatrical, musical and other cultural events.


Polish YMCA Section in Great Britain

Community-focused non-profit organisation established in 1949 with recreational programs and services for all ages. This youth charity focuses on working with the Polish community in the UK. Its main activities include two annual camps: the Summer Sports camp and May half term Horse Riding camp as well as engaging with the community through the Polish folk song and dance group ‘Mazury’.


Congress of Polish Student Societies 

Congress is an annual 2-day conference of Polish students in the UK uniting more than 400 members of Polish student societies from over 30 British universities.


Polish Cultural Festival Association

Polish Cultural Festival Association (PCFA), is a community organisation (social enterprise) which was incorporated in 2008 with the aim of supporting Polish – Scottish integration and to promote Polish culture and heritage.


Scottish Polish Cultural Association

Scottish Polish Cultural Association promotes Polish culture to Scottish people and aims at making Scotland more accessible for Polish visitors and emigrants.


The Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK

The Federation serves as an integrating body providing support and knowledge, helping consecutive generations continue the work of Polish Societies at UK universities. It is the primary body responsible for defending the interests of Polish Students in the United Kingdom.


The Anglo Polish Society – Bristol and South West

The Anglo Polish Society organises social and cultural events to promote good relations between local communities and Poles living in the area.


The Polish Airmen Association

The Polish Airmen Association gathers Polish Air force veterans and their families to promote a genuine interest in flying and the history and traditions of the Polish Air Force.


Polish Air Force Memorial Committee

The Polish Air Force Memorial Committee (PAFMC) is a registered charity no. 1185691 and the designated successor of the Polish Air Force Association (PAFA), who set it up to continue their work in the longer term. It was formed “to commemorate for the public benefit the achievements of the Polish Air Force in the Second World War; to honour fallen Polish Airmen by the creation and maintenance of public memorials; and to educate and inform the public about the Polish Air Force and its history, including the operation of Polish Air Force Museums. 


Federation of Polish Folklore Groups

Federation of Polish Folklore Groups promote Polish folk culture throughout Great Britain, both within Polish communities and to the British public.


Polish Association Aberdeen

Polish Association Aberdeen organises concerts, festivals and talks promoting Polish culture in Aberdeen and offers classes for learning Polish and English as foreign languages.


Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales

Polish Catholic Mission collaborates with almost 70 churches in the UK who regularly perform Mass in Polish. 


Piłsudski Institute of London

Piłsudski Institute of London aims at collecting, safeguarding and providing access to documents, historic artefacts, and books related to modern Polish history, and in particular those connected to the work and political vision of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, the father of the free Polish state, and his associates.