The Digital National Museum in Warsaw presents as many as 60 000 museum objects from among over 800 000 in its collections. There are masterpieces of Polish painting, sculptures and graphics, ancient wall paintings from Faras discovered by Polish archaeologists, medieval and modern art. Everyone, regardless of where they live, can go on a virtual tour of the Polish National Museum in Warsaw. The website is personalized. The user can browse the collections on the timeline or select specific masterpieces, and save the history of their searches on their profile on the portal.

“Objects of particular interest can be found in the masterpieces section” says Karolina Tabak, Head of the Digitization and Visual Documentation Department of the National Museum in Warsaw. “We also invite you to the themed paths – interactive presentations on the Museum collections, various phenomena in broadly understood culture, e.g. Faras – treasures of the desert, Crime and Death, Child, In the artist’s studio.” 

In the Digital National Museum in Warsaw, you can see a close-up of, for example, the painting “The Battle of Grunwald” by Jan Matejko and by clicking on special tags you can see the characters presented on it.

Art lovers can download a photo of an object they particularly enjoy. In the portal, photographs of works of art are accompanied by information on the conditions of their use, including copyright. Images of objects in the public domain (when at least 70 years have passed since the author’s death) can be downloaded, processed and used without any restrictions, also commercially. The reproductions posted on the MNW Digital portal can be used to make your own gadgets.