In Conversation: Polish Echoes in Complicité

An audio-visual lecture looking at the Polish echoes present in the works of the international theatre ensemble Complicite.
28 03.2023 Events, Literature, Theatre

Harvesting Young Creativity with Belfast Children’s Festival 3 – 12 March

A project that will bring visionary festival leaders and artists from across Europe together with local Northern Ireland counterparts in order to participate in captivating panel discussions, workshops and performances. 
03 03.2023 12 03.2023 Events, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual arts

Award-winning Monodrama – Intruder/Intruz at Camden People’s Theatre – 15th March

An award-winning solo play by Remi Rachuba about a Polish man who moved from Poland to Scotland to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor, but became the victim of a violent attack which almost ruined his life.
15 03.2023 Events, Theatre

Polish-Scottish Mini Festival Jan-March 2023

The sixth edition of the dual culture festival celebrating cross-cultural exchange and integration between Scots and Poles with a series of diverse cultural events across Aberdeen.
01 01.2023 31 03.2023 Events, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual arts


A mondrama written and performed by freelance actor Igor Hiszczynski about a man’s journey to find love and goes through a journey of self-discovery by battling with his own thoughts and personal experiences.
16 12.2022 Events, Theatre

Mickiewicz’s Ballads and Romances: the Battle-Cry of Polish Romanticism

A unique evening of musical, literary and dance intepretations to mark the launch of the first ever English translation 'Ballads and Romances' by Adam Mickiewicz.
28 11.2022 Events, Literature, Music, Theatre

Cambridge British-Polish Cultural Symposium

A one-day symposium exploring British-Polish cultural and historical connections over the past 100 years with representatives from the arts, media, academia and public diplomacy.
07 12.2022 Events, Film, History, Literature, Music, News, Theatre, Visual arts


A solo-play written and performed by Remi Rachuba about a Polish man who moves from Poland to Scotland to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor, but shortly after his arrival, becomes the victim of a violent attack.
06 11.2022 Events, Theatre

Halka by Stanisław Moniuszko performed by The Polish Opera in London

A new take on Stanisław Moniuszko's great romantic tragedy and pionering nationalist masterpiece set in a Poland controlled by tsarist Russia, that made Moniuszko a household name in Poland.
29 10.2022 30 10.2022 Events, Music, Theatre