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The Battle of Warsaw in 1920 – A Theatre Play

For the occasion of 100th anniversary of the heroic battle called the "Battle of Warsaw" - also known as "the Miracle of the Vistula" - and the Polish victory, we are inviting you to the theatre online play The Battle of Warsaw in 1920

This year Poland celebrates the 100th anniversary of the heroic battle called the “Battle of Warsaw”, also known as the Miracle of the Vistula – a series of battles that resulted in a decisive Polish victory in 1920 during the Polish-Soviet war.

We seize this opportunity to invite you to watch the amazing theater performance called “The Battle of Warsaw in 1920” which will be take place on May 31 at 20:00.

This performance is the outcome of a joint effort by two Polish artists – the playwright Pawel Demirski and director Monika Strzepka – and it will be performed at the Krakow National Theatre.       

These artists present a most unconventional take on the mythological Polish narrative: a number of Polish politicians and war heroes meet on stage and namely Pilsudski, Dzierzynski, Broniewski, Rosa Luxemburg, Witos and next to them seemingly “ordinary” people – a peasant, an actress and soldiers. These characters are a mixture of historical figures and anonymous heroes.

This play won acclaim at a number of theater festivals and became a centerpiece of the art scene in Poland.

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