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How to Speak So That People Will Listen to You? – A Lecture

How to speak so that people will listen to you? – a brilliant lecture by Professor Jerzy Bralczyk

How to speak so that people will listen to you? – a brilliant lecture by Professor Jerzy Bralczyk.

This question in the focus of the lecture is maybe the most interesting question a man can ask himself.

This time only for Polish speakers. 

Professor Jerzy Bralczyk is a famous Polish linguist who dedicated his professional career to a field called linguistic correctness with emphasis on public speaking,

the language of politics, advertising and law.

Professor Bralczyk is a language specialist in the field of conflictual issues and he sits on the jury of language competitions.

He is hosting the most popular radio and TV shows in Poland. Furthermore, he is a lecturer at the Institute of Journalism at the Warsaw University

and deputy director of the Polish Academy of Language.

We present the lecture – how to speak so that people will listen to you


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