25.06.2020 Theatre

Malta Festival for THeatre and Performance Art

 Malta Festival is the name of one of the most well-known international theatre and performance art festivals in Poland

 Malta Festival is the name of one of the most well-known international theatre and performance art festivals in Poland.

This year the festival will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic prevented the planned festivities and instead, a number of cultural events will be held in urban spaces or on the web.

The history of the festival is linked with the birth of democracy and freedom of expression in Poland. The first edition of the festival dates back to 1901 and the implosion of the Soviet Union. However, in Poland Communism collapsed two years earlier and namely in 1989 when the first democratic election was held.

From the very outset in 1991, the festival became a venue of multicultural encounters of artists from all over the world – a colorful meeting place of various languages and cultural backgrounds.

Throughout the years, in addition to outdoor performances the festival hosted some of the most prominent artists and ensembles on the international art scene. Outdoor concerts attracted thousands of aficionados. Among the performers were world-famous names such as Goran Granovic, Buena Vista Social Club, Beirut, Sinead O’Çonnor’, Faith No More, Coco Rosie and the Animal Collective and others.

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Scheduled Theatre

Irena– No Angel 🗓

The theatre play “Irena – No Angel” will be held on March 24, the Polish National Day for Remembrance of Poles Rescuing Jews under German Occupation
24 03.2021 Theatre

Cezary Goes to War 🗓

"Cezary Goes to War" is an autobiographical play by Cezary Tomaszewski, based on the director's memory of recruitment commission, Szostakowicz's "Symphony of War", Moniuszko's patriotic songs and variations on Niżyński's "Afternoon of Fauna" choreography
28 11.2019 Music, Theatre

Forefathers’ Eve by Adam Mickiewicz 🗓

The play called Forefathers' Eve is one of the most important works the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. The play was directed by the Lithuanian director Eimuntas Nekrosius (1952-2018) and we are happy to invite you to watch it online
27 05.2020 Theatre