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DocAviv Festival 2020

DocAviv yearly festival will include the film Bitter Love of the Polish director respectful director Jerzy Sladkowski  

DocAviv is the Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival. 

This year, the festival which is one of the most meaningful events of the cinema industry in Israel will be held on September 3-12. 

The festival will include the film Bitter Love of the Polish director Jerzy Sladkowski. 

About the film: 

Sailing along the river Volga, the passengers of Russian ship “Maxim Gorky” could easily have been characters from a 19th-century Russian novel.

Long-time couples trying to break the drudgery of their routines, young ladies hoping to find exciting new lives, women and men dreaming of falling in love,

and even a fortune teller—all spend three weeks on the water, surrounded by faux opulence.

Intimacy comes easily to them, often only to fade away with the same ease; personal conversations blossom between people who have just met,

as the camera reaches the depths of its subjects.

Jerzy Sladkowski (director of Don Juan) created a film filled with dramas both large and small, music, singing, dancing, a lot of alcohol, and human moments

that wrench your heart and make it swell with compassion at the same time.


The festival will also include an artist-workshop that will conduct by Daphne Levi with the director – Wednesday September 9th on 20:00

Details about the film, the workshop and the festival

Jerzy Sladkowski is an extraordinary well-known globally, appreciated director focused on documentary and also a prizes winner 

For an interview with Sladkowski from 2015

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