16.11.2020 History

Warsaw Ghetto 80 years anniversary – Academic Conference

An academic conference will be held on November 16th - 80 years anniversary of the creation of Warsaw Ghetto by a live broadcast from Polin Museum

An academic conference will be held on November 16th – 80 years anniversary of the creation of Warsaw Ghetto. 

On 16 November 1940, armed guards appeared in the streets leading to the „Jewish residential district” established by the Germans in Warsaw.

This symbolic date marks the creation of the largest Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe.

The 80th anniversary of the event has given rise to the idea of organizing an academic conference.

16 November (Monday), at 11:00 will be held a broadcast live conference on the POLIN Museum YouTube channel. 

Presentations delivered in Polish with simultaneous translation into English. 

The first ghettos in occupied Poland were established as early as the autumn of 1939. The Warsaw Ghetto was established a year later.

Its creation was a complex, dynamic process. A large section of Warsaw’s city center was transformed into a prison where 450,000 Jews lived and died.

The conference aims at discussing various aspects connected with the establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto.

The issues to be raised include changing plans of the Germans and their actions, the dilemmas of the Jewish population as well as the perception of ghettoization by Jews

and their Polish neighbors.

The little-known stories of non-Jewish Poles who found themselves imprisoned in the ghetto will also be discussed.


For further details, program and registration 

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