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Voices of Europe – Podcast Series with Ha`aretz

Voices of Europe is a podcast series that is a co-production of Ha`aretz newspaper and European states. 

The podcast series brings insights, debates, and research-based discussions on different aspects of the European Union, its policies in Europe and beyond as well as EU-Israel relations in a world-changing-reality. Curated and hosted by Israeli leading journalist, Oren Nahari, the series of eight podcasts addresses the questions most relevant both to Europe and Israel.

The Polish guest is  Mr. Dariusz Rosiak who will participate in the episode about European culture and society, present and future. 

Mr Dariusz Rosiak is a senior and experienced journalist who worked in all sorts of media (radio, press) both in public and private sector and  lately he is free-lance journalist producing his own weekly podcast called ‘Report on the state of the world’. 

Besides being journalist he is also the writer, among few he wrote also the book on Jakob Weksler-Waszkinel: the Polish priest who was a Jewish child during the 2WW and has been given up to a Polish family, and after many years he moved to Israel (around 10 years ago); you have might heard about that story as it was covered many times by Israeli media.

In each episode of approx. 30 minutes, Oren Nahari will discusses with representatives from the fields of arts, culture, humanities and science from both the EU and Israel current issues of mutual relevance. The bilingual English and Hebrew episodes allow the audience to approach Europe’s and the EU’s multifaceted character through a discursive approach. In other words: “Voices of Europe” at your home.

“Voices of Europe” is jointly produced by Haaretz and European Union National Institutes for Culture [EUNIC], including: Polish Institute, Austrian Cultural Forum, Goethe-Institut, French Institute, Italian Institute of Culture, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Portuguese Embassy, European Union Delegation to Israel.

“Voices of Europe” will be available on all popular podcast apps.


“Voices of Europe” episodes:

  1.       What is Europe? Conversation on the History of Europe and the European  Union (in Hebrew). 
  2.       What is Europe? Conversation on the History of Europe and the European Union (in English).
  3.       European Union and Israel (in Hebrew).
  4.       European Union and the world (in English).
  5.       Democracy and Freedom and Technology (in English)
  6.       European Union vision for post-corona times (in English).
  7.       European Union and climate changes (in English).
  8.       European culture and society –  present and future (in English).
  9.       European Jews throughout history (in English)


all the podcasts will be available here immediately after they will get published. 

What is Europe – Hebrew – 25/11 – 

What is Europe – English – 26/11 – 

European Union vision for post-corona times – English – 2.12

European Union vision for post-corona times – Hebrew – 2.12

European culture and society –  present and future – English – 9.12

European culture and society –  present and future – Hebrew – 9.12

European Union and Israel – Hebrew – 16.12

Democracy and Freedom and Technology – English – 23.12

Democracy and Freedom and Technology – Hebrew – 23.12

European Union and climate change – Hebrew – 30.12

European Union and the World – Hebrew – 6.1




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