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Bravely Beating Hearts

"Bravely Beating Hearts" - Israeli and Polish artists in a tribute concert to the Jewish soldiers in the Anders’ Army alongside with an exhibition and a special conference

“Bravely Beating Hearts” – Israeli and Polish artists in a tribute concert to the Jewish soldiers in the Anders’ Army. 

The concert is a part of a project dedicated to that topic, that includes a conference and an exhibition – see details below. 

On 8th December, during the online premiere of the “Bravely Beating Hearts” concert, will take part among others:

Omer Netzer, Roi Levi, Gilad Vital, Liron Amram and Darek Malejonek, Renata Przemyk, Michał Lorenc and Aleksandra Itkowska.

Together, they will perform songs created nearly 80 years ago – such as the famous “Red Poppies on Monte Cassino” with lyrics by Feliks Konarski,

set to music by Alfred Schütz, and pieces created by contemporary Polish and Israeli artists especially for this concert in Hebrew, English and Polish.

They will be joined by a song-symbol – “Warsze Majn”, in Yiddish will sound exceptionally poignant.

This Polish-Israeli project combines a common, sometimes difficult history with the memory of people without whom Poland and Israel would be completely different today.

The project focuses not only on great historical figures – such as General Władysław Anders or Menachem Begin – but most of all on the army of extraordinary, brave people

torn from the “inhuman land”. It also tells about making dramatic decisions and difficult choices between staying in Eretz Israel, Palestine, and fighting for an independent State of Israel

or remaining faithful to the Polish state and continuing to fight Germany in the ranks of the Polish Army.
Never before this story has been told in a language understandable to all – despite differences in worldview, religion and politics – in the Language of Art.

In addition to the 80-year-old lyrics by Feliks Konarski and Ludwik Starski, music by Alfred Schütz and Andrzej Włast, performed by Aleksandra Itkowska, we will also hear new songs

by Renata Przemyk and Darek “Maleo” Malejonek (music) –  “Wandering Children” (“Dzieci tułacze”) and “Inhuman Land” (“Ziemia nieludzka”)

Israeli artists will perform:
– Roi Levi – “Children from Tehran” and “Unknown Soldiers”
– Omer Netzer – “Country” and “I will never give Up”
– Gilad Vital – “Ben Gall” and “Bab al Ouad”.

The concert will be broadcast on line on December 8th at 20:00 on the Facebook page of the project 

On the day of the concert a virtual conference about Jewish soldiers in the Anders’ Army will be held – December 8th 10:00

For registration to the conference 

Especially for this occasion, the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem will host an exhibition “From the Anders Army to the Israeli Army – the road of Jewish soldiers to Israel’s independence”. The exhibition will be open until February 28, 2021.

The concert the conference and the exhibition are organized by the Education Projects Association, which cooperates with Partners: The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, The Polish Institute in Tel Aviv, Yad La-Shiryon – Memorial Site and Museum of the Armored Corps in Latrun, Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, Archives of Modern Records, Institute Poland and the Sikorski in London, Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, The Museum of Independence, The Centrum KARTA Foundation and The Jabotinsky Institute In Israel.


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