20.09.2021 News, Science

My Internet of the Future – an International contest 

A contest that calls participants to express their vision for the future of our digital world. registration by October 8th 2021
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History contest for publications promoting the Polish

Foreign Minister’s history contest for best publications promoting the history of Poland and Polish diplomacy opens for entries. Historians can submit their works until 31 August 2022.
19 07.2022 History, News

The 30th anniversary of the “Treaty on

The 30th anniversary of the signing of the "Treaty on Good Neighborhood, Friendly Relations and Cooperation" between Poland and Ukraine
18 05.2022 History, News

#StandWithUkraine 🗓

Poland is uniting against Putin’s invasion in support of the people in Ukraine with an aid campaign of information on aid channels and a call for volunteers
26 02.2022 News