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The losses suffered by Poland during World War II

A three volumed report released in Poland on September 1, the date on which the Second World War began, lists the massive losses in human lives, property, and infrastructure inflicted on Poland and for which it never received any compensation from Germany

Massive are the losses, the destruction, and the damage experienced by the Polish people during the World War II years, the date on which it began

was marked on September 1st.

Six million Polish citizens perished during that awful war, half of them were Jewish, among those murdered were the Polish cultural and political elites.

Numerous families lost their loved ones, this was suffered in addition to the destruction the German invasion caused to the cities and villages of Poland.

The scope of which included infrastructure, towns, property and historical legacy sites.

Until this very day, nobody had taken responsibility for these crimes.

On September 1st 2022 the Polish authorities released a report which depicts the scope of these crimes with the intention of gaining the world’s attention to them.

The following presentation depicts the losses Poland suffered during the war and how they impacted its future as well as current realities.


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