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‘Mom, I don’t want war’ – a new exhibition

Exhibition showing children's drawings inspired by the war: Polish children in 1946 and children in the Ukraine of 2022

Artistic voice against the war

The opening of the exhibitions ‘Mom, I don’t want war’ and ‘Belongings’ at the Kikar Kdumim Gallery in Jaffa

A joint vernissage of two unique projects took place on November 30 in the Tel Aviv gallery “Kikar Kdumim”. The exhibition “Mom, I don’t want war” presents children’s drawings inspired

by the war – Polish children created in 1946 and children from Ukraine from 2022. The 10-day exhibition attracted over 2,000 visitors.

The exhibition in a performative way brought the visitors closer to the human dimension of the war in Ukraine since the Russian invasion on February 24 this year.

The exhibition consists of a collection of photographs and accompanying filmed interviews with refugees from Ukraine. The exhibition “Mom, I don’t want war” was displayed in a

moving and innovative form as a slide show projected from a projector hidden in a desk lamp onto a sheet of paper on an antique children’s desk.

The second element of the vernissage was a project by the Israeli photographer Rom Barnea entitled “Belongings”. The artist’s works are characterized by high sensitivity to the

experiences and feelings of people affected by war. Barnea’s partners in the project are Polish producer Julia Maria Koszewska, Ukrainian writer Tasha Karliuka and Israeli exhibition designers:

Joanna Jones and Kim Schneider.




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